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copy right

all photos and text are mine(unless noted).  most web pages are quite possessive of their site, asking their permission to use any of their images and info.  who would want to spend the time of trying to make a site if someone can just cut and paste everything?  yet, if you see a photo you want to use on your web page you have my agreement to use them.  in fact, i want you to use them. i feel that the web is a place where one should be able to get any file that is available with out going though a bunch of copyright non-sense.  however, if a pic of mine is on a web site giving you credit, that is a problem.

"legal" stuff

most of the time, i sneak my camera into a concert.  i always ask someone if i can take pictures, but they usually say no.  obviously, i do it anyways.  what i'm saying is, any concert picture is unofficial & i'm in no way affiliated with any band members, (bla bla bla).