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Cherry Poppin' Daddies

Cherry Poppin' Daddies

Steve Perry ~ vocals, guitar
Dan Schmid ~ bass
Dana Heitman ~ trumpet, trombone
Jason Moss ~ lead guitar
Sean Flannery ~ tenor saxophone
Ian Early ~ alto & tenor saxophone
Tim Donahue ~ drums

"strut your stuff get loaded and jive"

i remember seeing the poster for Cherry Poppin' Daddies a few weeks before the concert.  they where coming to to play at a local bar on April 20 1999.  i told a few people about it and they didn't believe me.  i mean, hardly any bands come here and the fact that they where playing at The Wild Dawg (a country bar) was rather hard to believe.  i got my ticket the next day for only ten dollars.  a lot of people where going to the concert; a few days before the concert i got in touch with the manager of the bar asking if was ok to take pictures.  he said i could take as many as i wanted. . . i did.

when Cherry Poppin' Daddies first came on stage they had such a stage presence.  Steve Perry danced most of the show and was very energetic.  a personal moment of the show was the song "Drunk Daddy". Steve was somber when he sang "ok dad you can beat me but, you'll never beat me!"

Cherry Poppin' Daddies Cherry Poppin' Daddies Cherry Poppin' Daddies Cherry Poppin' Daddies Cherry Poppin' Daddies Cherry Poppin' Daddies Cherry Poppin' Daddies

Cherry Poppin' Daddies played a really long set.  i hadn't even seen a picture of Cherry Poppin' Daddies previously so i wasn't knowing what to expect of what they would be like live.  of course they where great!  after the show they where willing to sign autographs and a little later i got to talk to them.  i just keep saying how i enjoyed them coming here wished them to come back.  i wasn’t much of a Cherry Poppin’ Daddies fan before i saw them live; after seeing them in concert and being able to talk to them i recognize what a great band they are.

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