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Shirley Manson ~ vocals, guitar
Steve Markes ~ guitars, bass, samples, loops
Duke Erikson ~ guitars, keyboards, six string, fuzz bass
the great; Butch Vig ~ drums, loops, effects

"in the middle of the night
you don't know what i'm thinking
but still the stars just sparkle and shine
seems like all the time our boat was slowly sinking
you didn't even seem to mind"

the only reason MTV and Garbage came here is because they were traveling to colleges across the nation and they noticed that our Marshall football team was in the top 15.  i guess they figured that a winning school would be a good place to go.

Marshall University sponsored a "MTV Campus Invasion" on the day of oct. 28th 1999.  Garbage played to a crowd of over 4000.

i went with my friends Natalie and Scott to go see Garbage for my first time & their second time.  i got tickets the day they went on sale that gave us 3rd row seats.

Garbage Shirley Manson

i knew the crowd their would be crowd surfing, moshing, and just being all out crazy it being college students & all.  the ones in the front where mostly mu college guys to see Shirley. so, knowing all of this i wasn't about to take my camera into that, yet i knew i would be rather close & a disposable camera would be good up to ten feet or so. i was more than happy with the results.

i 've heard, "Push It", "Stupid Girl", and "Only Happy When It Rains", but other than that i haven't heard any other Garbage songs.  i had no idea that they rocked so hard.

Shirley Manson talked to the crowd more than most people do at shows.  almost after every song she had something to say which now i can't remember what some of them where.

Shirley Manson Garbage Garbage

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