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Tony Park ~ Lead vocals/trumpet
Will Hoffman ~ Guitar/vocals
Pat Fogarty ~ Bass/vocals
Darwin Keys ~ Drums/vocals
Howie Behrens ~ Guitar/vocals

"i want to see you in a hungry light
i want to be another man tonight
i want to have you in a selfish lie
i want to pull your inside"

Tony Will Pat Hi Darwin ! Howie

on August 29th 1999 the band Pushmonkey came to play a show at a dance/bar called Gyrationz.  i was impressed by how well Pushmonkey played live.  some bands sound remarkable on CD, but once on stage the quality is gone.

after the show, we talked & took some pictures of Pushmonkey for quite awhile.  they where very open to us, they signed their autographs and answered all of our questions we asked them.

later we told them we were going to get something to eat at a local restaurant called Dwight's that is open 24 hours & asked them to join us.  they where still loading when we left Gyrationz so we didn't think they would show up.  when we where about to leave Dwight's their RV pulled up.  a few went in to eat; some stayed on the bus. at three in the morning we sat & talked with Darwin & Howie at Dwight's.  i'd just like to say that these guys are great & that i truly appreciate them for being so "down to earth".

more photos after, with friends
Will & Howie Will
Tony Darwin
photo Howie & Curi
Tony Curi, Tony, & Anthony
Will Howie & myself

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