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Huntington, West Virginia


these are pictures of Huntington, WV where i live, go to school at Marshall University and spend time with friends.

when i compare Huntington to the rest of West Virginia and close cites of states Ohio & Kentucky, Huntington is it.  most people that have lived here most of their life around my age will say "there isn't anything to do here" and "i can't wait to get out of here."  everyone gets used to a city, town, farm. . . if they have lived there their entire life.  i had a few friends go away to college, hate it there, and now come to Marshall University.

Huntington West Virginia Huntington, West Virginia West Virginia

Huntington is a bit different. . . it's funny actually.  they try to give this void of a town a good name for themselves.  if it weren’t for the winning Marshall University football team and the love of the fans for them, Huntington properly would have been much worse.  The MU Thundering Herd is all Huntington really has going for them.

i went though some of Huntington's alleys taking pictures of less appealing areas.  going though downtown Huntington and venturing though some of the back streets and alleys can be the same building on one side, but once behind it tells how old it is and shows how this city is gradually descending into nothing.

Huntington Huntington

alley 1
alley 2
alley 3
alley 4

most of Huntington's buildings date back to the early 1900's; now many are run down. Huntington used to be a prosperous business place decades ago.  however, certain decisions made by businesses changed that. they were offered to have Interstate 64 go though Huntington, but for some reason, they declined it.  they were also offered to have a mall built in Huntington, but they thought that would divert the attention from their businesses.  the mall would distract from the businesses that was all ready there so they move it to a close city called Barboursville (where i actually live) and that mall is actually called "The Huntington Mall".

Huntington West Virginia Huntington Huntington

now Barboursville is the richest city in WV from all of the other business that either moved there or came there and they put the Interstate in Barboursville, which goes right by the mall.  Barboursville's streets are always clean, they put on the best 4th of Julys and they build parks because they have more money than they know what to do with.

buildings 1
buildings 2
buildings 3
buildings 4
buildings 5

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