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photos of my mind

people become interested in photography for many reasons.  why do you take pictures, or do you not at all?  some use a camera for a hobby or just for fun.  then there are those who take pictures as a means of expressing their creativity as a painter would with a brush.

i have many reasons that i take pictures.  like i said before, photography is my passion.  i take most really just for memory sake of friends, school, parties, & the such.  but sometimes i will see a subject/object that i will want to capture on film.  i do best with things i can't control like buildings and when people don't know i'm taking their picture.

this is my photography, try to block out the thoughts of, "i could do that" and "that's not hard", who said art had to be difficult?

~ Huntington ~
      the void

~ the plaza ~
      a social gathering

~ brick yard ~
      burnt brick factory

~ people ~
      rather self explanatory

~ odd ~
      unique street signs

~ return ~