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the plaza

the plaza, is just one of those places that attract certain people and to meet up with friends.  it's one of the few things to do in Huntington & that requires just the effort of sitting around and talking.  i go there knowing i will see someone i know or worth knowing.  the people there are very interesting and they are all different.  other people go there for different reasons, for example Dollar Bill; i don't know why he hangs out there.  he is even harder to describe than the plaza.  he doesn't have any friends there and no one really likes him we just tolerate him. here are two photos of Dollar Bill.
dollar bill 1
dollar bill 2

plaza fact - something is going on, one way or the other if it is Dollar Bill or just the people that show up. for example, below is a photo of some creepy guy that drove by and asked if anyone would like some candy.

plaza 1
plaza 2
plaza 3
plaza 4
plaza 5
plaza 6
plaza 7
plaza 8
plaza 9
plaza 10

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