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"i think computer viruses should count as life.  i think it says something about human nature that the only form of life we have created so far is purely destructive.  we've created life in our own image."
Stephen Hawking

i am using this web page for use of my photography.  i don't bother with bright & shiny graphics, Java Script, macromedia, and the such because that's not why i made this web page.  maybe i would do more though if my computer had the software and if i knew more about such things.  i have so many photos on here and my computer has such a small memory i had to delete many files and applications.  it got to the point where i had 15MB free disk space on the hard drive.  i was trashing many files such as "Solitaire" and all desktop themes.

my page really isn't personal.  if it was i would have many more pictures of me on here, but i don't have the character to do that.

i don't know about computers as much as i would like.  i know the most about the internet.  in the past, i have done 3 or 4 other web pages which i would use netscape composer before i really learned HTML.  now i feel comfortable writing these pages using notepad.  i have been around computers for many years and only to the internet since 1996.  but in those years, i have read magazines, books, and many web sites.  i am a forgetful person, but when it comes to learning something new to me about computers, i am very open to it.

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