They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants

John Flansburgh ~ guitar & vocals
John Linnell ~ keyboards, accordion, baritone sax & vocals

"everything sticks until it goes away
and the truth is, we don't know anything"

They Might Be Giants is one of my favorite bands.  John Flansburgh & John Linnell are two very creative, talented, and funny musicians.
They Might Be Giants They Might Be Giants They Might Be Giants They Bight Be Giants

i began listing to They Might Be Giants summer of 98 when a friend gave my "John Henry".  i soon became a fan after hearing "A Self Called Nowhere" from that album.

John Flansburgh

that same friend (Curi), called me up the day before the show asking if i wanted to go see They Might Be Giants in Knoxville, Tenn. tomorrow.  i was ecstatic the rest of the day.  i can't describe how much of a fan Curi is of John Flansburgh & John Linnell, but this was her 11th time seeing them in concert, she has met them and she knows just about everything about them.

They Might Be Giants they might be giants They Might Be Giants

when we got to the Bijou Theater, we went to the first row on the left side to be in front of John Flansburgh.  the first song they played was "Spider" (Apollo 18) and then played "The Guitar".  during the second song, everyone began to stand and move to the front.  when the song was over Flansburgh was glad to see everyone get up off our feet.  he said, "i know we're old, but were not that old!"

They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants

during one song Flansburgh held out his guitar over the stage and Curi got to play it.  and when Linnell was singing "Particle Man" (Flood) he said a line before he was supposed to and sang in "i messed up the song".

They Might Be Giants ticket

of course we tried to meet them after the concert.  we stood outside their bus not knowing if they were even inside.  after awhile John Linnell came out and was beginning to unlock his bike & we got to talk to him, but not really.  ten people where there and he shook all our hands; he then got on his bike and rode to the hotel he was staying at.  i enjoyed seeing They Might Be Giants and hope to see them agian.

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